The true character of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed comes out as pressure mounts from instability in Ethiopia

The naive prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali is running out of time and he is rejected by the population of the whole country.

Africa times
The young naive new Ethiopian prime minister miscalculated to pick a fight with the Tigrai people and the Tigria state government. Barely four months to his administration he seems lost and does not know what to do about the growing conflicts in Ethiopia.

Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Ali is trying to attach himself to famous terrorist, civil activists, or well known personalities because he lacks self confidence on himself. He is desperately trying to become a King of Ethiopia to fulfill the wish of his mother at any cost. That is why he does not have a clear national agenda and he has abandoned the EPRDF policy and principles.

If you watch him carefully Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed Ali is getting more angry when he speaks. The charm and smile has been replaced by anger and frown. God forgive us, but when people like this get bad, they really become worst because every opposition they encounter is obstacle to their goal, in this case becoming a real King of Ethiopia which is impossible without a blood and not to mention out of time.

Tigrai Online will bit Abiy Ahmed will declare a State of Emergency or he will follow his predecessors and resign.

The Tigrai people and the Tigrai state government are not banging, Dawud Ibsa Ayana and his Oromo Liberation Front are sweeping Western Oromia and the rest of the country is up on flames.

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