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freelance journalists and writer He working  for ten year’s since now on independent media in East Africa-Somalia-Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti,
He is also investigator for rape crimes, and rights of minority people.



Shakir Essa ( SomaliShaakir CiiseArabic: شاكر عيسي‎;

  1. born in mid 1980s) is a Somali journalists and writer. He was a Radio Hargeisa. Somali Today tv newscaster, where he made his name reporting from northern Somalia. In may 2005, he moved to a new post at Universal Tv where he presented the Somali in America program in January 2012 The Shakir Essa

a Report, first aired January 2012, is a thirty-minutes, weekly investigative documentary in which he reports on African immigrant stories northern Africa, Libya and Tunisia. Shakir Essa is a well-known social media activist in east african communities he served as producer of The Voiceless community’s


Shakir Essa was born in i980s in the jameecada  district of HargeisaSomaliland.[3] He attended high school in HargeisaHelater studied Telecommunication technologyat the international Horn University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. In 2004, he moved to Malaysia  and pursued an advanced degree in Telecommunication Engineering at the TIU in malaysia .[3] He later on attended the cyber security and and advanced information technology at University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, USA. He is also multilingual, speaking SomaliUrduArabicand English.[3]

Shakir Essa

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